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   Why us?

Bulgaria Investment Property has been evaluating the Bulgarian Investment Opportunity since the Millennium and was incorporated in Bulgaria in 2004 to satisfy the demand for an independent Bulgarian Company with UK property consultancies and English & Bulgarian members and staff to advise both new and experienced investors on potential growth opportunities. We are able to offer maximum capital growth and rental yield opportunities in both mature and emerging property markets.

  • B.I.P  is an Independent Property Consultant: We act on your behalf to find the most favorable low risk investment opportunities independent of any single developer, builder or agent.

  • Market research: We apply a unique method of market research in prospective countries of interest. This methodology is thorough and can take as long as 6 months to prepare. Then and only then will we invest and recommend the same investment to clients.

  • Qualification of Developers and Builders: this research includes extensive financial and credit checks of potential suppliers using reputable organizations.

  • Process and Legalities: We always physically go through these processes in order to protect our clients. Contracts are scrutinized and renegotiated where necessary to provide the best terms for our clients

  • Maximizing investment opportunity: must be low risk, competitive in the local market, best quality, and best payment terms.

  • Fully customized inspection trips: we ensure that prospective clients have the option to view a selection of Investments including complete habitable developments, under construction, new build, land and “per-owned”. This ensures that clients can see build quality and interior fixture and fittings before buying.

  • Customer Care: Is our number one priority. We provide the most favorable low risk investments in emerging markets. Investors are guided through the complete process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and returns meet and exceed projected expectations.

  • Specializing in the Bulgarian Sector, tried and tested methodology is applied to assess investment opportunities, taking into consideration political and social stability, economic indicators, direct and indirect foreign investment, regional and local inward investment. The project is ongoing and current compilations are based over the last 24 months.

    In the UK there is a growing demand for property investment, particularly the opportunities proffered in Bulgaria. This is a direct result of falling world stock market values, poor financial and pension fund performance, limited availability of property fund investments and concerns around UK house pricing, combined with interest rate rises which particularly affects the UK Buy to Let market, the outcome is, up to 20% of UK adults, are considering foreign property investment.

    Many property markets such as Spain and Portugal are now mature and good investment opportunities are becoming more and more difficult to find. The reality is, many areas in these mature countries are already peaking through over development.

    This in turn is now forcing many potential investors to look further a field at new more buoyant emerging markets such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania. We have researched and analyzed many different countries and can provide advice on them with regards to the benefits and risks involved. However, our main function is to isolate and deliver the real opportunities which represent least risk with the best return. This is a complicated task, as property investment is not a defined art, however by applying established criteria we are able to maximize potential income opportunities.

    We would not expect you to invest in anything that we were not happy to invest in, or you were not comfortable with, which is why it was necessary to experience the investment process first hand, including Legal and Tax issues.

    Through this “adventure,” benefits and of course pitfalls were encountered, enabling us to offer the benefit of our experience FREE on this web site, If you have any concerns or questions just Contact us  and we will endeavor to answer your inquiry.

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       Property Market

    Property Market Recent Development Research Criteria

    Political stability

    Religious stability

    Social/Ethnic stability


    Macro Economic indicators

    Foreign Direct Investment

    Foreign Indirect Investment (Tourism etc)

    Legislation which effects buying property as a foreigner

    Flying time from the UK, present and planned budget airline routes

    Internal infrastructure e.g. utilities and transport

    Border countries stability

    Immediate history

    Projected 5 – 10 year economic and social plan and associated risks

    Assessment of independent expert sources and reports

    Property & Value Factors

    Property prices are again very low after the 2009-10 drops

    We again have Continuing momentum

    Rising international awareness

    Independent and Business articles

    Bulgarian section in UK and overseas properties magazines

    Prices 25-40% of European Levels

    Well developed seaside and ski resorts

    Value Growth

    Growing GDP: 2.5-4% expected over the next 2 years

    Low inflation

    Tourist industry booming again

    Privatization 80% completed

    Very well developed banking sector

    3 tier pension system (property valid investment class)

    Bullish on overall retail sector

    Strengthening economy

    Rising disposable income

    The Latest Emerging Market

    Bulgaria and the Bulgarian property market is our latest and most exciting investment opportunity.

    The Black Sea coast is undoubtedly the most buoyant and compelling at this moment in time with superb new developments in the Burgas area and a strong resale market.

    So why do we recommend the Bulgarian Property market:

    Capital growth in the last 12 months has been over 5% on the Black Sea and is expected to incress upwards by 5-10% a year again from 2019

    Tourism is exploding due to the climate, superb blue flag beaches and one of the lowest cost of living in Eastern Europe.

    But most important of all they have a explosion in the price of the property market.

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    Investing in Bulgaria

    There are two main reasons why you should be interested in Bulgaria.

    An almost unrivalled investment opportunity

    Quality of life



    Bordering Greece & Turkey

    Part of European Sunny Belt

    Stunning Natural Beauty

    Unspoiled Countryside

    Uncluttered Seaside

    Combination of Mountains and Seaside (e.g. Portugal, Spain,)

    The Black Sea airports are about 3 hour’s flight from Britain.

    Regular flights

    The Black Sea coast boasts 220km of sandy beaches

    The Black Sea coast has over 1700 hours of sunshine from May to October

    The diverse geography and climate allows both ski and beach resorts.

    The general cost of living is one of the cheapest in Europe


    Joined NATO in April 2004

    Bulgaria is firmly in the EU (together with Romania).

    The currency is stable and linked to the Euro

    Significant EU funding committed until 2020

    All major British tour operators are on the Black Sea coast. Some, such as Thompson, etc.

    EU companies expected to enter with significant implications on the property market (Tesco etc)

    Japanese, Chinese and Korean direct property investors entering the country now

    Property prices are currently some of cheapest in Europe.

    Aged but decent infrastructure and improving

    Rising popularity as a European holiday destination



    . Bulgarian Investment Properties recommends a broad based market, from exclusive luxury complexes, to the small parcels of land.

    Of course, to many, quality of life is more important than financial reward. This is exemplified in the beautiful sweeping sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast, the rugged mountainous regions, perfect for the adventurous walker and the picturesque ski slopes which can be challenging or easy depending on your needs. Bulgaria truly is a largely undiscovered gem. Whether you invest through us, another agent or simply visit the country on holiday, we are sure that you will love Bulgaria as much we do.

    Investment opportunities are available in many areas

    Agricultural land: Plot without regulation but in areas that will most likely to be regulated main focus is near the mountain ski resorts and seaside regions.

    Pros Cons
    Least Costs Holding period involves change of status of land, i.e.

    High returns planning permission

    Lower capital commitment More commitment of time and effort

    Risk of being unable to obtain planning permission

    Land plots: with planning permission targets in the mountain ski resorts and seaside regions

    Pros Cons

    High return on invested capital Higher capital commitment

    Minimum additional efforts

    Easy to sell

    Old houses for renovation: –main focus in the hinterland but also periphery locations at seaside (Far North and South)

    Pros Cons
    Higher return on invested capital Higher capital commitment

    Lower downside risk Commitment of time and effort

    Additional capital requirement

    Expanded time frame

    Land plots & Build: with planning permission targets in the mountain ski resorts and seaside regions

    Pros Cons

    Higher return on invested capital Higher capital commitment
    Lower downside risk Commitment of time and effort

    Additional capital requirement for construction project

    Expanded time frame

    Third-party developments:

    Seaside Locations: • Burgas Region •
    Sunny Beach • Nessebar • Pomorie • Sozopol • Pimorsko • Tsarevo • Varvara•

    Ski Resort Locations: Pamporovo

    Locations and Value Growth Potential • Speculative Only

    Pros Cons

    Least Efforts Higher capital commitment

    Lower downside risk -absorbed by Expanded time frame

    gain on development

    Rental Income

    Highest return on invested capital

    Owners & Land Prices Growth Price Rationale

    1) Private individuals & Municipalities
    2) Selective approach
    3) Attractive when sellers lack vision and awareness of property’s potential application
    4) Particularly true for plots beyond third tier, but with good access/view/landscape etc.

    The local and regional level assessment criteria

    Local inward investment

    Regional events such as sporting events etc

    Local planning laws and future permissions

    Volume of tourism and countries of origin

    Weather and season time scales

    Resale market

    Previous 12 months capital growth

    State of development of property market e.g. mature, emerging etc

    Local culture and history

    Local infrastructure e.g. utilities and transport

    Local Market assessment criteria based on value for money

    Construction quality

    Construction guarantees/worth

    Aesthetics and quality of fixture and fittings

    Size and views

    Complex facilities

    Complex management and services

    Rental market and potential

    Resale market and potential


    Transfer times from the airport

    Complete Package of Services for you:

    We are constantly striving to add greater value to our products and services which include

    Property insurance

    Mortgage and Financial planning through Bulgarian specialists, (authorized and regulated)

    Furniture packs and white goods

    Tax advice by Bulgarian accountants

    Moving Abroad

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    •Best practiced branch of law
    •Rock-solid title of ownership protection
    •Legal sources since Ottoman Empire
    •Not scrapped during Communist Regime
    •Processes of acquisition and disposal practiced on a daily basis:

    –Procedures perfectly known to average solicitor

    •Regional registrars of property ownership
    •Searches reliable
    •Disputes, mortgages and burdens easily identifiable

    The System

    We find a property and determine whether it is being sold with or without land. If it is being sold with land currently you need not to form a company as the land owner

    * Negotiate and agree the final price with the current owners.

    * After the verbal agreement, draw up the preliminary contract and get the property removed from the market. (Similar to "Sold subject to contract" in the UK)
    * Do the standard ownership search (Using a solicitor)
    * Title documents
    * Licenses and permissions
    * Debts on title
    * Terms of contract
    * Sign the Notary Act (Contract to Purchase) in front of a Bulgarian Notary Public and the Final Legal Contract
    * You are then the proud owner of a Bulgarian property

    Bulgaria’s ownership policy will be harmonised with the EU in the future.

    Generally apartments On or Off-plan do not require company incorporation.

    The Law

    Bulgarian law currently stipulates that you do need a company to buy a House.

    When you buy an apartment, you buy a part of the building. This part of the building is freehold and there is no lease, the apartment is yours forever, or until you sell.

    Some Brief Information if you want to Form a Company

    Private Limited Company (a limited liability company) "EOOD or OOD"  is a commercial company with share capital owned by its members whose liability is limited to the amount of the capital subscribed. A private limited liability company may be founded by one or more persons, including foreign natural or legal persons. The minimum foundation capital is Levs 5,000 divided into shares with nominal value of Levs 10 each and at least 70% of the capital must be paid up on foundation (we recommend to save future problems that the full amount is paid). Contributions to the foundation capital may be paid in cash. The statutory bodies of the private limited companies are the general meeting of shareholders, which must be held at least once a year, and the managing director or board of directors.

    Formation and Registration of a Company

    A company is considered incorporated as from the date of its registration into the commercial register of the relevant district court. The application for registration furnished with certain documents required by law shall be filed with the court by the elected managing body.

    A Private Limited Company in order to be registered in a commercial register must:

    * produce its articles of association (Memorandum of Association in the case of a single-person private limited company); the Law on Commerce stipulates the obligatory provisions of the articles;

    * have appointed a managing director (or board of directors).

    * have paid up at least 70% of its authorized capital (see note above), including at least one third of each member's contribution. (Approximately £1780.00)

    This information together with details of the management etc is recorded in the commercial register and promulgated in the State Gazette.

    Don't worry! It's not as bad as it seems, Bulgarian Property Investments arrange all the necessary documentation with all the appropriate bodies, all ready for you to authorize.

    Visa requirements

    Holders of UK passports do not require a visa in order to visit Bulgaria

    This visa is for foreign nationals who intend to apply for a long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria. Processing can take up to 30 days due to popular demand for U.K residents. Foreign nationals can obtain long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria on several grounds. Investors intending trade within Bulgaria and retired people with pensions are among this group. Certain provisions may apply if you have a business in the UK or elsewhere in the EU.


    We always recommend you consult a Bulgarian Accountant and Lawyer who can offer professional guidance and advice on the most beneficial method of administering your accounts. There are many factors that will influence the ultimate formation of your business and will vary on an individual basis.

    There we have it, a really comprehensive look at what Bulgaria can offer, Sun, Snow, Health Spas, Hot Mineral Springs, Skiing, Rafting, International Music Festivals, Waterfalls, Mountains, Ancient Architectural Artifacts, Archeological Treasures, Traditional Folkelore, Established Culture, Exceptional wines, Glorious food, Sureal Wildlife, Majestic Lakes, Rose Oil,……. Yoghurt……and a perfect


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