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So you are looking for a property in  Burgas Bulgaria...... mmmmm

That’s how we started you know....just thought we would see what was available.... dip the old proverbial toe in the black sea water....might as well have a look-see for a investment....what harm can that do!!!!!

WHAT HARM...well it causes no harm at all...providing you don’t mind spending your every waking moment trawling through a million miles of websites, some written in yet to be discovered languages about properties that have also yet to be discovered.

I suppose it matters not that your eyes become sort of rectangular in shape and stand out like organ stops, having the need to be supported by your thumbs whilst you are still trying to type in the next web address.

You always know when you have had enough though......it’s when everything becomes very quiet, and dark, and the shouts of “your dinners in the bin” have long since faded into the distance; your tea is cold, with a strange alien formation floating on the top, “I’m sure it’s a map of Bulgaria” you think, but no it’s only the biscuit you dropped in earlier come back to haunt you!

You ask yourself “WHY AM I DOING THIS” the answers come back in a flash.

No one likes to miss an opportunity

Especially one that you knew couldn’t fail !!!

Make sure you invested in the right place……at the right time……with the right people

Then you will find out you were right!!!

We at Bulgarian Investment Properties. Have provided a live, easily searchable database of properties for sale.

Browse our website or Contact us today for details of …

  • The wide selection of Rural and Village houses for sale in Sredets Burgas Bulgaria, Homes or land in the Sunny Beach Resorts, Real Estate Investment Opportunities and Property for sale in Sredec Bulgaria.

  • Unlimited advice, guidance and assistance from experienced Property, Law, Finance and Insurance Professionals looking after your investment in Bulgaria

  • Complete Customer Support and After Sales Service from your own dedicated team of property purchase experts














































































































   Why us

Bulgaria Investment Property is an independent Bulgarian property agency with a office in Burgas./.Sredets / Zagortzi.

We are a Bulgarian registered Real Estate & Investment Company having direct links with builders and private sellers through our own network of local contacts and agents. This enables us to offer a comprehensive, flexible service with commissions based on a lower asking price.

We specialize in providing a personalised search facility based on your individual requirements, fill in your Contact Us and we will do our utmost to fulfil your needs, be it a holiday home, apartment, investment property, development, Fish camping site…whatever, just ask and we will use our most comprehensive property database and up-to-date information on The Bulgarian Black Sea coast, to find your dream, then we will help you to make it come true, with help and support all the way.

The company is formed by English partners, with an English speaking Bulgarian Manager and English speaking Bulgarian staff, based in Sredets & Burgas. We are therefore in a position to have excellent local knowledge, coupled with the familiarity of the English property purchaser.

We offer a complete service from arranging your travel and accommodation, to covering all legal aspects related to property Investment. We also ensure we don’t disappear after the sale, we are here for you for good, to provide help finding any information you need, on builders, architects, planning, Legal, shopping, Bulgarian lessons, arrange accommodation for your guests, if we can help we will, because recommendation is the key to success and if you are happy with us, you will tell your friends and off we go again.

According to the Bulgarian act on foreign investment, foreigners can buy buildings but not land.(this will be changing hopefully next year) Therefore the most common method is to set up a company which then owns the property. We can organize the entire process from start to finish together with all aspects of conveyance and we will guide you through the intricacies of Bulgarian property law.

From the moment you consider a property purchase in Bulgaria we are here to help you by providing:

Access to properties available through us or our strategic partners
Arranging inspection
Legal guidance
Notary services in Bulgaria and the UK
Foreign exchange management services
Full refurbishment or building management

At present, 80% of our business comes from referrals from previous clients or foreign partners, so you may see our Bulgaria property offers advertised on other estate agents’ websites and brochures.

Company Statement

Bulgaria Investment Property local Bulgarian knowledge and operations mean we can provide our clients with the best opportunity to find the most suitable property / Investment with the least amount of complication.

We are a family owned company that strives to build long term business relationships with its clients and be in a position to recommend new market strategies as they present themselves. If you would like to be amongst the first to benefit from our FREE advice on selected opportunities, Contact us . We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best possible low risk investments in emerging markets. Investors are guided through the complete investment process to ensure that all goes smoothly and that returns equal or exceed projections.

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   What we do for you

What we do for You

Professional Assistance.

Personalized viewing trips.
Reservation for accommodation.
Arrange viewings of all properties requested including houses, villas, apartments, developments and plots.
Opportunity to experience some of the best Bulgarian traditions.
Visiting major towns, holiday resorts and natural attractions.
Creating your Bulgarian Property Portfolio
Offer properties at competitive prices

Professional Support.

Preparation of all contracts and documentation.
Highly qualified team of specialists.
Company registration if required.
Opening bank accounts.
Including transfer of funds together with currency transactions
Legal and taxation consultations.
Representation before State Administration.

Professional Service.

We are constantly striving to improve our services and offer for your guidance and support a highly qualified team of Estate Managers, Real Estate Brokers and Lawyers who can advise you on many aspects of Bulgarian law and procedures including Visas and permanent stay permission, therefore protecting your interests.

We endeavor to secure the opportunity to create multiple avenues of income, find your dream home, provide retirement income, or just a holiday home to relax in. Whatever your aspirations are we aim to maximize your investment to achieve the greatest growth, long or short term. Capital growth in the current marketplace is about as assured as anything can be in property investment. Just consider, the average wage in Bulgaria is £250 a month which is less than a twelfth of the UK's. So the cost of buying, building or renovating property is much lower. At the same time the demand for property in Bulgaria is coming from Western European countries like Germany and the UK. At the same time Bulgaria is an inexpensive holiday destination. With tourism rising rapidly year on year and occupancy rates very high there is only one way for property values to go and that upwards.

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   Our Fee’s & other Costs Legal


Setting Up A Company

In order to purchase a villa house with land or land alone you are not required by Bulgarian law to set up an Ltd company, however, this process is very straight forward if you wish to have a company for U.K citizens. 

The charge for setting up a limited company is shown below, in addition to these you will be required to deposit 5000 Lev into your own company bank account within Bulgaria. This is your starting capital, which can be withdrawn anytime following completion of the process and your company is registered and operational. (Approx 1 month)

This process requires you to visit Bulgaria in order to sign the initial contract, you will then be offered the opportunity to utilize power of attorney through a solicitor or person of you’re choosing. This person will then represent you during your absence from Bulgaria.

Our Fees

One full day’s viewing including all running costs is 50 Euro a day for up to 8 hours. Our English speaking partners will meet you at your hotel and drive you to view your selection of properties and how many viewed (within 8 hrs). There is a maximum 3 persons per car, larger parties can be catered for upon request. a reimbursement of viewing fees of the day you decide to buy will be given on completion of purchase.

The fee for registering a Bulgarian Limited Company is 750 Euros, this includes:

· Company name search
· All lawyers fees
· All notary fees
· All court taxes
· Registration of company in court, tax office, statistics office
· Tax card, Bulstat card, company stamp
· Translation of documents

The conveyance fee including commissions will be 5 % of the purchase price or a Minimum of 1,500 Euros. 

This includes:

· Negotiation with vendor on your behalf to secure best price
· Organising bank account
· Full checks on property ownership documents, land sketch, securing property title deeds.
Preparation of a Preliminary Contract

· Draw up preliminary Contract
· Signing of Preliminary Contract

Signing of final contract
· Declaration of the purchased property in the Tax office

Other Fee`s & Costs

· Organizing the payment of the 1 % Notory fee (payment of fee by yourselves)
· Organizing the payment of the 2 % property tax to the Tax authorities (payment of tax by yourselves)
· All Solicitor / Lawyer fees (payment of tax by yourselves)
· Official Translation into English (payment of fee by yourselves)

A Registered Translator will be present to explain exactly what is written on all documents before you sign. There is a charge of around 40-80 Euro for this service.

The transfer is subject to notary and municipal fees, which are about 2.5% to 3% of the declared value of the property. Please note that the prices of the properties you see on our website do not include the transaction costs and our commission. 

Cost of Maintaining a Company in Bulgaria

In order to maintain your company you will require the services of a Bulgarian accountant to prepare your end of year accounts these are approximately 120-150 Euro per annum for a basic trading company. These services will be offered to you as an integral part of the buying process.

Our Promise

No hard selling tactics are used. Some clients find that one visit is enough, others need more time. There will be no pressure to buy. We want you to enjoy your stay.

So whether you are interested in a holiday, retirement, investment or commercial property then do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a friendly and professional service.

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This is not meant to be a full explanation of property law but simply a guide to the basic process. 

Bulgaria’s ownership policy has been harmonized with the EU.

Under the Bulgarian act on Foreign Ownership, foreigners are allowed to own land and buildings. You can however set up a Bulgarian Company if required.

At present under Bulgarian law any, foreigner purchasing property must have an officially appointed government translator present, to explain exactly what is written on all documents before you sign

The sales contract will set out timescales, prices and any penalties for late completion and will be produced by the developers solicitors. It will have been checked by the agent and the client will also have the opportunity to obtain their own legal advice before signing. 

The difference comes when the property is completed. In Bulgaria, there is a third party who basically acts on behalf of the government. This person is called the ‘notary’. It is the notary’s responsibility to ensure that the correct details are entered onto property deeds. 

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a property.

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   Viewing trips

Viewing Trips

We operate on personalized schedules only, so we can allocate sufficient time for you, and be able to arrange you viewing trips efficiently. You can be assured a better service if you provide us with as much advance information as possible regarding your preferences. This will give us more time to research all the properties that match your requirements.

There are two ways of purchasing a House/Villa/Apartment or Land through us. This first method ensures that when you arrive in Bulgaria, your property is reserved for you and cannot be sold to another person. The basic process is listed below:

1. Reserving a Property BEFORE visiting Bulgaria

After discussing your individual requirements with us, you state verbally that you wish to reserve the advertised property. We record that property as reserved for three days whilst we await you cheque. The reservation fee of £500-£1000 is refunded when you complete your purchase. It can be transferred to any property on our list (subject to availability) but if you decide not to buy at all, then it is not refundable. 
When the cheque arrives, we send out a preliminary contract so that you can obtain legal advice before you fly out or decide to buy unseen.

We always recommend that you view as it is an essential part of buying a property abroad, regardless of the type of purchase or Investment.

We can reserve accommodation for you in a number of 3-4-5* Hotels at special reduced prices. For all customers purchasing any type of property, we pick you up at whatever airport you land at in Bulgaria.

If you do not wish to stay for a whole week, and only want a trip of a few days it will mean a scheduled flight to Burgas Airport. We assist you to arrange your own flight, on a date which suits you. (subject to availability).

We will also pick you up from your hotel and escort you on your viewing trip.

2. Visiting Bulgaria BEFORE reserving a Property

This method means that you don’t pay a reservation fee before you arrive. However, it also means that you have to choose from the properties that we can show you. (please remember that some properties can be sold within days of being advertised) We assist you to arrange your own flight, on a date which suits you.

We can reserve accommodation for you in a number of 3-4-5* Hotels at special reduced prices. For all customers purchasing any type of property, we pick you up at whatever airport you land at in Bulgaria. If you do not wish to stay for a whole week, and only want a trip of a few days will mean a scheduled flight to Burgas Airport. (Subject to availability)

We will also pick you up from your hotel and escort you on your viewing trip

Flight and visa information

Direct international flights are available to Burgas. Direct charter flights to the Black Sea (Burgas) are available during the high season spring and summer months.

During the winter season there are direct flights from from the UK airports to Burgas. Bulgaria is a 3.5 hour flight from the UK direct. 

There are package holidays and flights with Thompson, Airtours, JMC and Balkan holidays available Year round direct to Burgas.

Direct flights times vary depending upon departure point, Manchester 3 hours15, and Gatwick 3.5 hours. 

EU residents automatically receive a three-month stay entry (free of charge). It can be extended later locally. Longer stays can be arranged locally dependent on circumstances. Visa control has been considerably relieved between the UK and Bulgaria following Bulgaria's joining the European Union. Any existing restrictions are likely to be further loosened up thus making long stays simpler to arrange.

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